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Workflows and structure of the Fish-Parasites action

Structure of the Fish-Parasites action Structure of the Fish-Parasites action

 The project is structured on different working tasks.

•    The task 1 concerns the coordination of the missions between all partners. This is achieved at the Pasteur Institute of Lille (by Eduardo Dei-Cas and Cécile-Marie Aliouat, BDPEE team).

•    The task 2 is dedicated to the collection and dissection of marine fish at sea or from wholesale merchants. Freshwater fish were also sampled form the lakes of Geneva, Bourget and Annecy.

•    The task 3 targets the detection of parasites (Anisakidae, Diphyllobothridae, Cryptosporidium), the identification by using molecular techniques, the filling of the PARAFISH database and the statistical analyses of the data.

•    The task 4 aims at developing an intelligent vision system thus allowing the systematic detection of the Anisakidae larvae in the fish fillets.

•    The task 5 targets the diffusion of knowledge accumulated during the Fish-Parasites action towards the professionals of the fish sector but also towards the general public in order to better understand the risk due to fish parasites. In that aim, several actions were set up: a fish parasite identification platform opened to the professionals and located at the ANSES (Boulogne s/mer), the Fish-Parasites website and continuous training sessions dedicated to the professionals of the fishing sector.

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